rural renaissance roadshow


Thank you to our partners that make this possible.

Beneficial Electrification League

Our partners from the Beneficial Electrification League will be leading a workshop discussing opportunities around further electrification of the economy.

BEL is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2018 with a mission to increase understanding of how beneficial electrification can save consumers money, improve air quality and lower emissions, foster a more robust and resilient grid, and improve quality of life.

Island Press

Our partners at Island Press will be proceeding on the Island Press Urban Resilience Project. Gain an understanding of how an article or op-ed is drafted and placed. Gather tips and tricks of your own for placing articles. Talk through your pitch ideas with the team in an interactive exercise. Get your questions answered about how the editorial and placement process works. Gain a new contact who can work with you on your article writing and placement after the Roadshow wraps up.

Island Press is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Their mission is to elevate voices of change, shine a spotlight on crucial issues, and focus attention on sustainable solutions. Island Press’s publications inform the most significant sustainability efforts while cementing the work of influential thought leaders as foundational resources for practitioners. With almost four decades in the field, Island Press’s emphasis is, and will continue to be, on transforming objective information into understanding and action.

The Milken Institute

Our partners at the Milken Institute will be providing a bootcamp-style, interactive session on predevelopment capital and sequencing your project activities.

The Milken Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank focused on accelerating measurable progress on the path to a meaningful life. With a focus on financial, physical, mental, and environmental health, we bring together the best ideas and innovative resourcing to develop blueprints for tackling some of our most critical global issues through the lens of what’s pressing now and what’s coming next.

The Rural Climate Partnership

Our partners at the Rural Climate Partners will be leading a workshop on bringing in private capital providers and foundations to outline how to leverage varying pre-development funds and financing to advance a project to prepare for broader implementation dollars.

The Rural Climate Partnership is a new funding collaborative built to address a straightforward reality: We need change in rural America to achieve an ambitious climate agenda, meet emissions-reduction targets, and authentically foster equity and environmental justice. Our theory of change centers hardworking people, small businesses, and family farmers as the drivers of local economies and rural-led climate solutions. Utilizing a place-based, sustainable job, and economic development strategy, we empower communities to protect what they love about where they live. With a focus on clean energy, regenerative agriculture, narrative transformation, and securing federal funding for rural communities, we work towards accelerating clean energy deployment, expanding climate-smart farming practices, combating misinformation, and ensuring rural areas benefit from federal climate dollars. Through grantmaking, technical assistance, policy advocacy, and narrative infrastructure, we work to reduce energy costs for families, empower small businesses, and provide opportunities for rural communities to thrive sustainably.


Sol Systems

We would like to thank our partner, Sol Systems for being a Scholarship Sponsor. Sol Systems is sponsoring the travel, accommodations, and ticket for a rural leader to attend the Rural Renaissance Roadshow!

Sol Systems is a leading national solar energy firm with an established reputation for integrity and reliability across its development, infrastructure, and environmental commodity businesses. Sol Systems is operating and building over 2 GW of solar projects valued at more than $2 billion for Fortune 100 companies, municipalities, counties, utilities, universities, and schools and provides environmental commodity portfolio management services to more than 20,000 customers across the US. The company was founded in 2008, is based in Washington, D.C., and is led by its founder. Sol Systems works with institutional clients, corporate partners, and foundations to create a more sustainable future we can all believe in.

Join us as a Partner


Each $2000 contribution provides a full scholarship including travel and accommodations for a rural leader representing a community with a population of less than 50,000.

Content Partner

If your organization provides funding or technical support for rural communities and cooperatives, you can be a content partner. We’ll work with you to develop a focused workshop and will feature your organization on our website and all materials. A total of 5 content partnerships are available.

Presenting Sponsors for 2024

The Rural Renaissance Roadshow is in its first year, and we’re already welcoming presenting sponsors for 2024. We’d love to welcome you, too!