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The Rural Renaissance Roadshow brings together rural leaders from across the US and equips them to build thriving local clean energy futures through inspiration, education, partnerships, and practical technical and funding support.


Imagine tent revival meets county fair, centered in values including joyful service, sharing power, and getting good things done.


Equip attendees with inspiration, technical support, funding opportunities, partners, and a community of like-minded colleagues.


Get good stuff done in our communities that will help ensure that rural communities and small towns will thrive.

2023 Rural Renaissance Roadshow Recap - Why Bentonville, AR

Watch Our April Webinar on EV Fleets in Rural Communities

This April Groundswell hosted Keith Dennis, President of the Beneficial Electrification League, and Margarita Parra, Director of Transportation Decarbonization at Clean Energy Works, for an interactive webinar about opportunities and challenges facing rural communities working to take advantage of funding opportunities to electrify fleets in their communities.

This hour-long webinar provides a brief overview of the history of electrification in the United States, the trajectory of EVs moving forward, and dives into case studies of school districts who are working on converting their school bus fleets to EVs. Then, Keith and Margarita answer questions from audience members like you.

Save the Date

The 2024 Rural Reanissance Roadshow happening in Georgia this November 11-14!

  • Nov 11: Opening Dinner & Veterans Celebration
  • Nov 12: Full Program Schedule
  • Nov 13: Technical and Funding Support
  • Nov 14: National Rural Leaders Roundtable


A Week of Abundant Good

Last week was a week of extraordinary, abundant good! On Monday, Earth Day, Groundswell, Inc. celebrated being selected for a $156 million US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) Solar For All Award for our SE Rural Power Team. Together, we will deploy community solar and energy storage across eight states — Alabama, Arkansas, North Central Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Central and Southern Virginia — that will cut electricity bills and energy burdens in half for tens of thousands of people with low and moderate household incomes across the region.

Taking the (EV) School Bus

I took the bus to and from school until I was old enough to drive. When the bell rang, and we’d pour out of school, dozens of yellow school buses would be lined up waiting for us with their engines idling. Particularly on hot and humid days, the diesel fumes would be suffocating, and I’d often end up with a headache by the time we pulled out of the school’s drive. If you rode the bus, you may have similar memories, too.

How I Got to Know Fay

Thanks to a suggestion from a former mayor of Fort Wayne, I read a book by Michelle Moore, Rural Renaissance: Revitalizing America’s Hometowns through Clean Power. Intrigued, I invited the author to be the keynote speaker at the Indiana Sustainability and Resilience Conference. She said yes!